SmartPanoramic™ is our proprietary Digital Twin technology which quickly brings together 3D laser or photogrammetry survey information into a single location, offering you a high definition Google Street View type view of your project / asset, eliminating the need for an as-built 3D model.

Images and laser scans within SmartPanoramic™ can be augmented with Bi-directional “hot-spot” links, meaning users can identify on screen via Tag information what they are looking at, and connect to other asset / maintenance management systems through a simple click.

SmartPanoramic™ is web-enabled, allowing easy access from a browser. As the view is composed of actual laser/photo images, the site/project area is instantly recognisable and is as simple as Google’s Street View to use, meaning minimal training is required. Maintenance of SmartPanoramic is simple, as new scans or photos can be easily registered in the system and uploaded seamlessly keeping your digital twin current. SmartPanoramic can be an invaluable tool for site familiarisation and training activities, and it supports remote operations as accurate measurements can be made from wherever you are?

If you’re looking for an alternative digital solution for your project / asset talk to us today about how we can help.

Customer Value

SmartPanoramic™ is:

  • A simpler alternative to a full as-built 3D CAD model
  • Simple, lightweight browser-based install
  • User friendly and involves minimal training
  • “Intelligent” through Bi-directional “hot spot” links via Tag data into asset management systems
  • Versatile and supports both photographs and laser data, offering exceptionally high resolution 360° images
Smartpanoramic view with highlighted equipment
Smartpanoramic view with highlighted equipment
Smartpanoramic view with highlighted pipe
Smartpanoramic view with highlighted pipe
Smartpanoramic view with area