Reverse Engineering

Client: Glenkiniche
Location: Scotland

A replacement still was needed for the Glenkiniche Whisky distillery in Scotland. There was a concern that the exact shape should be replicated to ensure the same distinct flavour in the new still. The original still was handcrafted and there no records of the profile shape.

Offset were commissioned to data capture & reverse engineer the exact as-built shape of the still. The reflectivity of copper surface & the supporting framework represented a technical problem that could only be solved with a combination laser scanning and photogrammetry

The laser scanning captured the complex geometry of the still surface whilst photogrammetry captured the supporting steelwork and connecting pipework. Special targets were developed so that both systems could be combined in the same 3D coordinate system, enabling both outputs to be seamlessly integrated into a single 3D model. The complete data capture took half a day and analysis & post-processing a further three days.