Corrosion Management & Lifetime Extension Programme

Client: Woodside Energy
Location: NW Australia

Offset have been working with Woodside Energy and Worley Parsons for over 8 years on a series of survey & model-build projects at the Karratha Gas Plant in NW Australia. It is recognised as one of the most advanced integrated gas production systems in the world, with 5 massive LNG trains each 250m long. The site has a capacity of 16.9 million tonnes per year and covers an area in excess of 1 million m2.

The Karratha Lifetime Extension (KLE) project was instigated by Woodside to reduce unplanned shutdowns and extend the facilities’ working life. The maintenance refurbishment group is currently managing and executing a significant refurbishment program of the plant. As part of this, the ongoing maintenance shutdown involves addressing not only corrosion remediation but an overhaul of the turbines, compressors, valves and motors.

Our survey teams have surveyed and scanned over 4.5 million m3 using a combination of photogrammetry which is particularly useful in congested areas, high speed laser scanners and SmartPanoramics. In total we captured 350km of piping with an accuracy of ±5mm. Due to the lack of a suitable 3D CAD model, we worked closely with the maintenance refurbishment group using our survey and scan data plus validated line lists to produce an AVEVA PDMS intelligent 3D model of LNG Train 2 followed by later visits to deliver models of LNG 1 & 3 in Intergraph SmartPlant. The 3D CAD models & SmartPanoramic images are an invaluable resource in preparation for this work. The data will be a reference for both planning, design and progress during the shutdowns.