Asset Management & Weight Records

Client: Woodside Energy
Location: Indian Ocean

The massive North Rankin A platform is one of the largest capacity gas production platforms in the world and serves as the central hub of the North West Shelf offshore gas production system. Located 135 km north-west of Karratha, North Rankin A 54,000 tonne conventional eight-leg steel jacket stands in 125m of water at a total height of 215 m and combines drilling, production, utilities and accommodation facilities.

Offset involvement in the project was a capture of the entire platform. The offshore site survey was completed over a total of 50 days. The project concerned the installation of a second platform ‘North Rankin B’ which is connected by a 100 metre bridge to the existing North Rankin A platform. The as-built model supplied by Offset was used extensively during the development of the extended facility. Legacy drawings were used to add intelligence to the model providing near complete pipeline data tagging. Integrated into the customers AVEVA NET information management system, end users can view the photographs associated with the model or any of the physical assets: pumps, valves, machinery etc.

A total of 34Km piping was captured with 7000 tags from 10,020 stereo photogrammetry pairs. Challenges included the location offshore on a working platform with difficult access and congestion.

One of the driving forces for the project was to derive an up to date weight control for the platform. As the new bridge landing has caused concern, engineers needed vital information to assist the study. Indian Ocean “The model was used in a two stage application. WEL had a concern about the weight of the platform. The 3D model was used to develop weight records for structural integrity verification.

The model was used to support the design of the interface with the NRB companion platform installation.