Survey & Modelling

Client: Sellafield Ltd
Location: Cumbria, UK

Nuclear related projects often pose unique and challenging conditions for 3D data capture. Offset has developed a variety of technologies to capture some of the most inaccessible areas, including remote surveying, and robotic access photography used with the more traditional laser scanning and photogrammetry.

This extensive project experience has led our technology to be used to capture as-built data at nuclear installations in UK & Japan. Delivering 3D models, laser point cloud data, TruView panoramic data and clash analysis reporting.

Offset’s nuclear projects include:

  • A combination of laser scanning and panoramic photography surveys were used to capture aspects of a building within Sellafield. The data was used to generate an AVEVA PDMS as-built model to rationalise legacy model data that had been collated in the past. This will provide a benchmark for the ensuing development and decommissioning design activities
  • Technology, services and training supplied to NRA contractor Shinsei Giken, for full survey and visual database production of the new Rokkasho-mura reprocessing plant in Japan
  • Commissioned to design a camera rig to accommodate two stainless steel cameras that were deployed into an active cell. The purpose was to verify the quality and completeness of the existing an AVEVA PDMS model
  • Full photogrammetric survey and 3D PDMS model of a Sellafield building. This project delivered nearly 7000 photographs in visual database format, reducing the requirement of further site visits by design staff. Also the production of a PDMS 3D model cross referenced with plant tag numbers from drawings supplied by BNFL.
  • Full photogrammetric survey and 3D CAD model build of all exterior aspects of a building in Sellafield, including complex roof equipment. This was to provide a model that allowed the clients structural engineers the functionality to design a supporting frame around the building to allow the bracing of the roof area.
  • Extensive survey and 3D modelling of cell and tower volumes, Sellafield. Data supplied in CAD and CAMS format.