High Pressure Line Replacement

Client: Alstom
Location: Matimba, South Africa

The requirement for complete and accurate information is vital when preparing a tender. In preparation for this Alstom, commissioned Offset to provide essential as-built information. Alstom’s tender for the refurbishment of steam lines at a coal-fired power station in northern South Africa would be built on this information

The project involved the refurbishment of four 24” steam lines, each running in excess of 200m through numerous complex and inaccessible areas. Lack of detailed information impacted on scaffold planning, crane access locations and the removal of piping spools. Offset captured the as-built data of all critical areas including the steam lines, pipe supports, supporting steelwork and all incidental items in surrounding areas

This was undertaken through laser scanning & point cloud generation augmented with colour from 360° Smart Panoramas. The resulting data was used to create visualisations and Leica TruView point cloud datasets facilitating the planning of refurbishment procedures.