Asset Positioning & Calibration

Client: Omnicom
Location: UK

Omnicom Engineering have contracted Offset over many years with ongoing calibration work for train and rail side asset. Omnicom’s requirement for accurate dimensional information is driven by the need to calibrate video surveying systems utilised within their state of the art inspection trains. These systems are used to capture high resolution images of the track and infrastructure which are then deployed within the OmniSurveyor3D package.

Offset accurately captured the locations and orientations of cameras and laser scanners, the coordinates of bogey pivot points, tachographs, GPS antennae and other fixed locations along the body and chassis; all spatially related to the position of the on-board inertia measurement unit. Many visible targets are also located and surveyed around the train, these known 3D locations are then captured using the trains on-board cameras and utilised by Omnicom software to provide further camera & laser scanner calibration. Mounted cameras and lasers record data at normal traffic speed, creating a virtual model of any network, including overhead objects and tunnels.