Tie-in Points

Client: Shell Brunei
Location: Miri Sarawak

The client required an onshore verification of some new structures and equipment to be retro-fitted to an offshore platform to ensure a first-time fit. The extension to the footprint of the existing platform was to enable an upgrade in production.

Offset initially assisted with onsite positioning of the additions including reporting any errors for fabrication work back to the client. The photogrammetric survey of this offshore facility included all the pipeline tie-in positions and structural mounting points

Subsequent surveys at various fabrication yards resulted in changes to manufactured panels to ensure correct fit-up to offshore geometry during installation. The next phase of the survey involved pipe route verification of new spools linking existing offshore pipework and prefabricated spools situated on the new panels.

The application of Offset’s survey services on this project was estimated to have saved US$ 2m.