Whether you need a drawing or a model of a part/component, we can help you digitise almost anything into 3D CAD.

Reverse Engineering is the process of recreating design drawings from measurements and/or scans of the part itself. It’s a simple, two-step process: 1) scan the object with our precision scanners 2) create the desired deliverable (Point cloud, 3D model or drawing of the object).

Offset have helped numerous customers with precision reverse engineering projects where sub-millimetre accuracy of geometric components is essential.

Our case studies demonstrate that our skilled team can take on any size of project. We’ve been lucky enough to work on some very interesting undertakings, from the precise capturing of a whisky distillery to the capturing and modelling of a sculpture by artist Roger Dean.

To understand more about how we can help you with your digitisation project, please get in touch –we’d love to hear from you.