As-Built Data

Client: Alstom
Location: Switzerland

Modular gas turbine design is a method of constructing gas turbines in smaller, standardised modules that can be easily assembled and disassembled. This approach allows for greater flexibility in design, maintenance, and repair, as well as faster installation and commissioning times.

Modular connection accuracy requires precise alignment of modules to ensure that they fit together perfectly. This is important to prevent gaps or misalignments that could compromise the structural integrity of the connection. Tight tolerances are necessary for modular connection accuracy. This means that the dimensions of the modules must be consistent and within a certain range of acceptable measurements to ensure a proper fit.

To ensure precise installation, accurate as-built information is crucial. Offset Services provided a solution using photogrammetry technology to survey the skids as they leave the fabrication facility. This data is then used to create detailed 3D PDMS CAD models, providing accurate information for both deliverable documentation and connection design. With this technology, installation can be completed with confidence and efficiency.