Offset are experts in the implementation of the truly low-risk Information Management solutions including AVEVA NET and SmartPlant Foundation. Our solutions has been proven in both the engineering and operation of some of the largest and most complex process plants in the world.

The interfaces are via a standard web-browser, presenting the user with a visual representation of the assets and with unparalleled ease of access to the information stored. The information required to resolve issues, or for engineering sense-making, can be presented literally at the click of a mouse.

This is achieved thanks to the use of ‘hot-spots’ within the graphical representations of the assets. Simply clicking on a hot-spotted item on the screen returns all the linked information associated to that item. All of this relevant information can then be collated and in turn shared; for example for commissioning, maintenance, or collaborative review. And because the system is web-enabled, any location with internet access can be used by those who need to work with the information.

Process data is presented in real time. Both current and historic process data can be displayed to show differences in context. The search functions are not only limited to the point-and-click graphical representations. Although extremely powerful, the search functions are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Written search queries can be used to track down all examples of a particular component, it can be as easy as using a term like: “Find all pumps on lines of nominal bore x mm”.

These features ensure specialist information can be unlocked with ease. And navigation through the asset information is fast. Our systems have compatibility built-in for most engineering applications, removing restrictions on application choice. Even the information held in dumb documents can be released and utilised.

Offset can draw on it’s high definition Smartpanoramic™ technology to capture the true as-is condition of the asset. When unreliable as-built information is being used, plant productivity can be compromised. Data from the high definition panoramic survey, published as a complete Smartpanoramic™ environment – a Google Street view type experience, can be accessed through the information management platform. The photographs can be overlaid with intelligent hyperlinks leading to detailed information for each item seen. The information available is more reliable, and those plant productivity issues can be assessed accurately.

The data becomes a complete photographic asset register, and Offset Services can install bridges between this detailed information and other existing sources of data. Examples include mySAP; Documentum; Meridium and other maintenance packages; Microsoft Office documents; 2D schematics; AVEVA, Bentley & Intergraph design tools and other enterprise applications. Information gateways to standards ISO 15926 and ISO 10303 can also be implemented.


  • Communication between the new system and the existing key systems is bi-directional, effectively adding new power and more value to systems already in place.
  • With its use of standard web browser technology for the interface, not only is global collaboration easily achieved – the managed information can be made available securely worldwide.
  • Implementation of the whole system is both rapid and risk-free. Offset Services can deliver the solution in either a hosted or an installed solution.
  • As much as sixty percent of downtime can consist of waiting for appropriate information to be found. Our solutions can significantly reduce that time, and so in turn significantly reduce downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Eases progress and material status tracking.
  • Project history information facilitates improved tenders on future projects.
  • Improves staff productivity.
  • Provides rapid, unrestricted access to information.
  • Saves man-hours.
  • Reduces project risk.
  • Handover information is complete and accessible.
  • Trouble-shooting becomes quick and effective.
  • Maximises plant throughput.
  • Quality assurance: information integration enables inconsistencies to be highlighted and resolved.
  • Efficient commissioning.
  • Improves the quality of the as-built information.