SmartPanoramic™ is an Offset proprietary technology that allows a fully intelligent high definition Google Street View type navigation around any size asset within a lightweight browser based viewing environment. The detail derives from the gigapixel resolution of each SmartPanoramic which are accurately linked in 3D space allowing the user to view 360° images of the site and navigate to other SmartPanoramic images within the network. Camera tripod icons within the 3D model indicate the position and orientation of additional available SmartPanoramics.

By using unique plant tag numbers and bi-directional hotlinks to Information Management systems like AVEVA NET or SmartPlant Foundation allows engineers access to all the information they need without visiting the asset. This enables quick, easy and complete 1D; 2D & 3D documentation retrieval for any size asset. Because the system is lightweight and web-enabled, any location with internet access can be used by staff with the need to access and use the information.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid image capture with lightweight robust equipment
  • Lightweight browser based installation
  • Minimal training
  • Mouse or screen based navigation
  • Exceptionally high resolution 360 degree images
  • Gigapixel images allowing detailed zoom-in
  • Motion tolerance
  • Bi-directional “hot spot” links via Tag data into asset management systems
  • Simple intuitive horizontal & vertical navigation throughout the asset
  • Reduced requirement for multiple site visits
  • Ideal for remote or restricted access locations
  • Safety & training simulations
  • Pre-arrival orientation virtual tours

Gigapixel Panoramic Zoomed Out/In to Demonstrate Detail

High resolution SmartPanoramic images have multiple uses beyond measurement and as-built, condition capturing with detail that would not be included in a 3D model to provide a clear record of physical condition. All the asset’s information can be used to assist commissioning; maintenance; safety and risk assessments via a collaborative review.