Photogrammetry is a fast, compact & highly accurate method to survey, scan & record almost any asset or object large or small. For over 30 years, Offset has used photogrammetry techniques across a very wide variety of projects from a table top model to oil & gas processing plants and offshore platforms.

This highly adaptable method can be utilised in many ways, from unparalleled documentation of the as-built status of a facility including 3D visualisation or the generation of flattened GIS referenced or dimensionally accurate orthoimages for building or land surveys.

Offset are experts in the use of photogrammetry or laser scanning for asset 3D data capture and we help our clients choose the best solution from both techniques.

Applications for Photogrammetry include:

  • Oil & Gas facilities
  • Process Plants
  • Buildings & Heritage – interior & exterior
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Railside Assets
  • Nuclear Power facilities
  • Rock & Ground formations
  • Stairs & Stairwells
  • Congested and cramped spaces
  • Mining
  • Crash & Impact testing

Photogrammetry was developed soon after the first plate cameras appeared in the mid 1800’s, but the transistion to high defintion digital cameras has made this technique increasingly popular. The original technique known as Stereo Photogrammetry as used on conventional printed photographs and remains in use today using as series of stereo image pairs with coded targets in the scene.

More recently, though cheaper PC processing power and more advanced mathematics coded into improved software, a new technique has emerged known as SfM (Structure from Motion) or MVS (Multi-View Stereo) which does not always require coded targets or specific camera shots, just good coverage of the object to be scanned. Software then stitches together the combination of images to create a full 3D model and optionally a Point Cloud if required.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and efficient survey technique
  • Captures all visible data for accurate physical modelling with condition
  • Applicable to all industry sectors
  • Complete full-colour high-definition image capture
  • Accurate measurements & point cloud generation
  • Inexpensive & compact equipment
  • Orthoimage generation and 3D model build
  • Validating as-built and clash analysis
  • Seamless integration with laser scan data
  • Ideal for usage in congested or restricted access areas
  • Intelligent 3D models enable material take off and drawing generation