Laser Scanning rapidly captures accurate as-built information in rich detail delivering very accurate measurement and documentation of 3D data. Offset uses the very latest high speed laser scanners capable of capturing over one million points per second combined with high resolution panoramic images to deliver coloured point cloud data. We provide our many clients worldwide with the data, tools & models to enable Planning; Visualisation; Redesign; Clash Analysis; Deformation & Corrosion Monitoring; BIM Integration and many other uses.

Applicable industries include: Oil & Gas; Process Plants; Buildings & Heritage – Interior & Exterior; Ships & Offshore Platforms; Road & Railside Assets; Rock & Ground Formations; Mining & Cliff Faces; Large Equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-fast, high definition, reflector-less survey
  • Millions of 3D points captured in seconds
  • Non-contact remote survey up to 300m
  • Extremely efficient survey technique
  • Near instant 3 dimensional data available
  • 3D model transferrable into any 3D system
  • Intelligence incorporated to expedite redesign and revamp projects
  • Intelligent 3D models enable material take off, etc
  • An integral part of asset management solutions
  • Navigate 3D data archive using simple 3D interface
  • Virtual simulations
  • Reduce or eliminate site visits
  • Project staff based anywhere can take accurate measurements from photographs
  • Provides accurate and archive documentation
  • Enable virtual planning of hazardous engineering operations

Laser Scan Deliverables

  • Point cloud available for use in CAD packages
  • Rapid 2D sections, plans and elevations
  • Intelligent laser scans – tag to scan associations and hot spotted bubble views
  • Plug-ins available for most major packages
  • Layered 3D model: AutoCAD, Microstation, PDMS, S3D
  • Layered 3D solid model: Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, Mechanical Desktop
  • Triangulated mesh models: StudioMax, Google Earth, GIS etc